Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm back with some Louis CK!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Public Media in the US is a joke.

I've noticed a gradual decrease in the quality of the media our country has been putting out. TV shows: It seems the more confrontational and less intelligent the cast seems, the more publicity the show receives.  Music: Seems as though the kind of song that sounds cool blasted out of a riced out honda civic is what's prevailing; completely disregarding lyrical content or any apparent form of talent. I feel like this regression is a detriment to the youth of our population, as this is what they're mostly exposed to. I've noticed an increase in a uniformed, similarly behaving youth. All carbon copies of one another - fitting in with one another. It's boring. All listening to the same shitty music pouring out of their car speakers, watching the same shitty Jersey Shore-like shows. They let record sales dictate to them what good music is without realizing that the reason someone buys a CD nowadays is because it is what's familiar to them. How does it become familiar to them? Media. The media dictates what the general population defines as good music. This vicious circle is what keeps manifesting and lets these new aged shit rappers stick around and make a ton of money (Soulja boy?) But I digress. You know what? Maybe it's not so bad, as this new trend in shitty music and shitty television shows seems to mostly apply to our youth, which is only the future of America itself, and all. But hell, it seems as though even our news system seems to be regressing to encourage our gradually retarding population to tune in. After all, who would want to be well informed? That's boring. It's all too apparent that we're getting lazier and greedier as a nation and it seems to have no boundaries as to where this contamination bleeds off into. Canada anyone?

Clip from The Daily Show: The Biggest Newser